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sales service hotline:0532-58517159

    126kv intelligent combination electrical appliance

      0.4kv low-voltage withdrawable switchgear


      ​ 0.4kv low-voltage draw out switchgear products are divided into mns series, gcs series and gck series. with high technology content and mature process, the products are widely promoted and applied throughout the country, with high progressiveness, practicality and economy. the product can choose an intelligent low-voltage distribution system to achieve online monitoring of the operation of distribution equipment, analyze the operation status of the distribution system, sudden alarms, gradual warning, energy consumption management, etc., and meet the standards of intelligent switchgear.

      performance characteristics

      the minimum size of a single cabinet drawer is 1/4 units

      and the maximum size is 3 units. it can be combined arbitrarily

      and drawers with the same specifications and functional units can be easily interchanged.
      the selection of engineering design personnel's plans is convenient

      and the factory production and final assembly have quality assurance.
      a large number of high-strength flame-retardant engineering plastic components are used

      and devices have been carefully designed to prevent the occurrence and spread of fault arcs

      ensuring the personal safety of operators.
      it can achieve a double-sided operation design scheme

      saving equipment space.
      the drawer panel has obvious closing and breaking position markings

      and the drawer is equipped with mechanical interlocking devices

      ensuring high safety and reliability.
      seismic test: seismic intensity level 9.
      internal fault test (iac-afl r level): 40ka/0.5s.