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sales service hotline:0532-58517159

    microgrid/energy storage solution

    as a leader in wind and solar energy storage and microgrid technology, yihe provides users with intelligent microgrid solutions. intelligent microgrid is a small modular and decentralized energy supply network based on distributed generation technology, which achieves power load and power quality management on the user side. it can achieve integrated operation of internal power and load, and can smoothly connect to the main grid or operate independently and autonomously through coordinated control with the main grid, meeting the user's requirements for distributed power supply access, power quality, power supply reliability and safety.

    scheme architecture

    scheme introduction

    smooth power

    the discharge power of the energy storage system changes with the load, resulting in a smoother usage curve and improved power quality.

    multi energy synergy

    multi energy complementarity, balanced power supply, improved stability of power generation, and improved plannability of microgrid scheduling

    peak shaving and valley filling

    the energy storage power station adopts a dual charging and discharging method, namely low charging and high discharging, and flat charging and high discharging

    emergency backup power

    this system uses containers as carriers and motor vehicles as transportation tools to replace traditional diesel generators

    energy storage


    battery soc estimation

    balanced control strategy

    high precision detection (voltage, temperature)

    historical event records


    rectification inverter and battery protection

    battery prediction management

    able to achieve autonomous and controlled frequency modulation

    battery management system (bms)

    energy management system (ems)

    energy storage bidirectional converter (pcs)

    easy to inspect and repair

    extending battery life

    good user experience

    battery safety protection


    reactive power compensation function

    multi machine parallel function, good scalability

    grid connected charging and discharging/off grid independent inverter


    software platform

    new energy platform

    energy storage cloud platform

    blockchain intelligent trading system

    energy management platform

    applicable scenarios

    islands and remote mountainous areas far from the mainland.

    solar, wind, and other complementary energy sources with fluctuating power generation quality.

    areas that restrict the development of small thermal peak shaving power plants or other highly polluting power plants due to environmental issues.

    nuclear, wind, and other power generation facilities that require nighttime energy storage for daytime use.

    traffic intensive stations, docks, airports, and outdoor temporary large load centers.

    government agencies, research parks, and confidential departments that require uninterrupted power supply.

    industrial and mining enterprises or business centers with insufficient power supply or unstable power grids.

    customer value

    investment cost

    reduce investment in static capacity expansion
    replacing diesel power generation as emergency backup power

    power generation revenue

    connect to the internet with surplus electricity through the trading system

    electricity cost

    spontaneous self use, peak shaving and valley filling
    smooth power to reduce electricity costs

    success cases

    qingdao yihe electric group factory area

    shanghai cooperation summit qingdao international conference center

    west coast hospital photovoltaic power station

    shandong shouguang yangguang new energy storage system

    qingzhou guaziyuan photovoltaic project

    ludong food photovoltaic station

    intelligent power transmission and transformation solution - service cases

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