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sales service hotline:0532-58517159

    126kv intelligent combination electrical appliance

      slva series national grid standardized low-voltage cabinet


      ​ yihe is a major supplier of complete electrical equipment for the power grid and power generation system. as the leader of the component group, yihe actively responds to the standardization and customization requirements of the low-voltage cabinet of the state grid. it participated in the first batch of joint design, completed the first batch of prototype trial production, passed the acceptance of experts from the state grid, passed the full type test, and passed the testing and detection with high standards. based on the standardization requirements of the state grid for distribution network products, a total of 4 categories and 8 subcategories have been designed for low-voltage switchgear schemes. this design follows the principles of "safety, reliability, durability, unified standards, universal interchangeability, reasonable grading, and wide applicability", achieving the goal of simplifying operation and improving efficiency. compared with similar products, it has obvious advantages.

      performance characteristics

      unified design of standardized product solutions.
      the electrical parameters are simplified into three levels and four categories

      which not only meet the requirements of use but also have unified standards.
      standardizing secondary principles


      and labeling for safer installation


      and maintenance.
      the short-term withstand current of the 2500a circuit breaker combination cabinet has increased to 65ka.
      unified civil engineering interface

      standardized products can seamlessly connect with the foundation.
      operate at full load according to the decentralized system 1.0

      and pass the temperature rise test without reducing the capacity.
      realize functional configuration and unified cabinet integration to meet interchangeability requirements.
      add emc testing to improve product anti-interference performance.

      characteristic parameter

      required value

      system nominal voltage


      rated insulation voltage

      whole cabinet, molded case circuit breaker (distribution level iii): 690v, frame circuit breaker (power level iv): 1000v

      rated impulse withstand voltage

      molded case circuit breaker: 8kv, frame circuit breaker: 12kv

      overvoltage category

      grounding system

      directly grounded (tt or tn)

      rated frequency


      pollution level

      level 3

      installation site



      characteristic parameter

      required value

      protection level

      ip40, vent ip30d, cabinet top ip30

      ik level

      metal parts: ik10, non-metallic parts: ik07

      ambient air temperature

      -5 ~ 40 , with a maximum daily average temperature of 35



      emc environment

      class a environment

      incoming feeder mode

      the incoming line is from the top of the busbar, and the feeder line is from the bottom of the cable

      overall dimensions

      height: 2200mm, width: 800/1000mm, cabinet depth: 800mm (excluding front and rear door panels)

      eyebrow and door panel color