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sales service hotline:0532-58517159

    introduction to intelligent operation and maintenance service

    qingdao yihe electric group responds to the policies of “internet ”, “supply-side structural reform of electricity ” and “power demand side management” advocated by the state, conforms to the development trend of smart grid, and proposed a new concept of intelligent substation management for intelligent operation and maintenance. intelligent service technology is used to solve many problems in the operation and management of power distribution rooms, thus starting a new era of intelligent operation and maintenance of power transformer and distribution station.

    yihe intelligent operation and maintenance is committed to providing safe, efficient and convenient intelligent operation and maintenance services and energy management solutions for power users. at present, the company has a new multi-functional remote control center and a self-developed “yh9000 substation remote intelligent operation and maintenance platform”. based on the platform, and combined with intelligent technology, internet , big data, etc., the company has innovated out the service system of the transformation and distribution station. through data analysis, it realizes safe, energy-saving and efficient intelligent power management, and realizes the new service mode of “internet substitute maintaining”.

    scheme architecture

    the platform adopts advanced mpls-vpn mode for network transmission, which is different from traditional data transmission methods such as the internet and cloud platforms. it ensures the privacy, stability, and high security of the transmission environment, and achieves cross regional, secure, high-speed, and reliable communication of data, voice, and images, providing users with high-quality data communication services.

    the yh9000 remote intelligent operation and maintenance platform (phase i) can access remote monitoring data from more than 1200 distribution rooms. the platform can receive data information on the operation status, signals, operation data, videos, environment, security, and other aspects of various user power transformation and distribution stations. by analyzing the equipment operation data, the operating status of the equipment can be determined, potential equipment hazards and defects can be identified in a timely manner, and faults can be predicted and warned.

    scheme introduction

    centralized monitoring

    24 hour real-time monitoring, comprehensive control of on-site equipment and environmental operation status.

    accident prevention

    using digital technology for accident prevention and intelligent operation and maintenance

    quick repair

    remote isolation accident, 30 minute professional team on-site handling

    economical operation

    provide digital monthly reports and propose reasonable energy usage suggestions

    introduction to the functions of the operation and maintenance platform

    • 1

      real time monitoring

    • 2

      alarm reminder

    • 3

      remote video

    • 4

      communication function

    • 5


    • 6

      data analysis

    • 7

      rights management

    • 8

      multi terminal operation

    customer value

    energy saving effect

    provide digital monthly reports
    propose suggestions for rational energy use

    accident handling time

    30 minute professional team on-site handling

    safe operation

    technical means for accident prediction

    operation and maintenance costs

    lower cost compared to traditional manual operation and maintenance

    success cases

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    intelligent power transmission and transformation solution - service cases

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