sales service hotline:0532-58517159

sales service hotline:0532-58517159

    engineering procurement construction (epc) solution

    qingdao yihe electric group owns class-c qualification for design of power transmission and transformation discipline and class-iii qualification for contracted construction of power transmission and transformation discipline issued by the ministry of housing and urban-rural development, class-iii qualification for construction and decoration (maintenance and test) issued by the national energy administration, has valid work safety license and sets up professional training designated agencies authorized by the state administration of work safety, national energy administration and human resources and social security bureau.

    relying on more than thirty years’ capability of equipment manufacturing and production as well as capital operation, the company can provide users entire-process, comprehensive services, such as preliminary program planning of project, project initialization, design and manufacturing, installation testing, acceptance and power transmission, operation and maintenance, personnel training, etc., and has capability of undertaking engineering procurement construction (epc) of large-scale comprehensive project, and provide users one-stop engineering procurement construction (epc) solution.

    scheme architecture

    scheme introduction

    scheme consultation

    apply for project approval

    the company provides users with consulting services for pre project construction or renovation plans, including electricity requirements for project construction, issuance of electricity use plans, approval processes, etc., and provides users with various consulting services in the early stages of the project.

    after the project is approved, the company can assist users in providing an application for the overall electricity requirements of the project, writing a project approval report based on the electricity load and user requirements, and helping users coordinate with the power supply department to timely initiate and approve the project.

    project design

    plan optimization

    the company has rich design experience in project design, combined with the production and manufacturing experience of various equipment, to maximize the optimization of design schemes for users, including design scheme optimization, product configuration requirements optimization, etc., in order to save costs to the greatest extent for users.

    the company has rich design experience in project design, combined with the production and manufacturing experience of various equipment, to maximize the optimization of design schemes for users, including design scheme optimization, product configuration requirements optimization, etc., in order to save costs to the greatest extent for users.

    procurement and manufacturing

    installation acceptance

    the company has more than 30 years of equipment manufacturing experience and is a qualified supplier for state grid, southern power grid, and the five major power generation enterprises. it serves users throughout the country, and some products are exported to countries such as europe and africa. all products of the company have passed the national designated inspection agency testing and obtained relevant test reports. the company implements erp management throughout the entire production process, tracking quality throughout the entire process from contract signing to product delivery, ensuring product quality and schedule, and providing users with satisfactory products.

    the company has the third level professional contracting qualification for power transmission and transformation issued by the ministry of urban and rural development of the people's republic of china and the third level qualification for installation (repair, testing) issued by the national energy administration. at the same time, it has a valid safety production license and the ability to undertake the construction and testing of 110kv and below power projects. the company has a comprehensive project management system, a strong technical reserve of personnel, complete personnel for all types of work, and all personnel hold certificates to provide users with satisfactory project installation and acceptance services.

    power transmission operation

    repair and maintenance

    through years of hard work, the company has maintained good cooperative relationships with power supply companies in various regions, and can timely coordinate with the power supply department to complete the procedures for various stages of the power transmission operation process, saving energy for users.

    the company has established a dedicated team for maintenance, repair, and repair, responsible for fault handling, emergency repair, and regular maintenance services for power supply systems and various user substations. through years of business cooperation with power supply companies, the team has rich experience and the ability to handle various accidents. at the same time, the company can also provide users with operation and maintenance services for distribution rooms. currently, the company has taken over more than 80 various types of distribution rooms. through the company's independently developed substation intelligent monitoring platform combined with regular inspections by maintenance personnel, unmanned power distribution rooms can be achieved, minimizing labor costs for users and providing more reliable guarantees for their electricity consumption.

    power training

    finance lease

    jointly established with qingke holdings group, qingdao qingke yihe vocational skills training school has a total construction area of 36511 square meters and a comprehensive building integrating teaching, training, and accommodation and catering, which can accommodate 1200 people. the school is mainly characterized by vocational skills training in the field of electric power, and provides professional training and education for personnel engaged in electrical installation, testing, maintenance, operation, and special operations in accordance with relevant regulations of the state council. it is the only examination and certification point for the "electrician network operation permit" in the west coast new area of qingdao.

    it can provide strong financial support for various large-scale projects.

    customer value


    project cost

    the company's general contractor can better control costs.


    project cycle

    one stop service, seamless connection of all links, shortening project cycle.

    success cases

    qingdao special education center school

    qingdao science and education park, chinese academy of sciences

    zhushan primary school expansion project

    qingdao sino german ecological park international hospital

    qingdao west coast future middle school

    qingdao military civilian integration hospital

    intelligent power transmission and transformation solution - service cases

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