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sales service hotline:0532-58517159

    qingdao west coast new area brand development and promotion association inaugurated


    in order to promote outstanding brands in various industries in qingdao west coast new area, to strengthen exchange and learning among enterprises, to improve brand creation and promotion specialization level, and further enhance the core value of the new area's brand, a conference on the establishment of the brand development promotion association and voice for west coast-the start of "brand story" column was held at qingdao west coast new area on may 8, 2018. this is another measure taken by the qingdao west coast new area to promote the strategy of brand promotion.

    qingdao west coast new area brand development and promotion association are composed of 54 members, including well-known enterprises, colleges and universities, media and individuals. the association will, under guidance of the new area brand promotion office, give full play to the bridge and link function to collect resources and strengthen interconnection and interworking between members depending on the organizational structure. it is dedicated to driving more enterprises to promote the brand awareness and expand the service influence and coverage, and organizing diversified forms of brand cultivation and promotion services to assist local enterprises to promote brand awareness and honor and mobilize more enterprises to initiate in brand establishment, which will also contribute to the "area vitalizing by brand development" practice by actively implementing brand investigation, research and theoretical discussion.

    the inaugural meeting of the branch promotion association has also launched the "speaking for west coast brand-brand story" program that is jointly built by the new area brand promotion office and fm92.6 west coast urban life broadcast. this program will sufficiently exploit advantages of fm92.6 media and resources of enterprises in the new area and do well in telling of brand stories to enhance the communication force and influence of brands settled in the new area.

    gao yuhe, the general manager of the group, has participated in this meeting as an representative of yihe electric group that is the deputy chairman unit and been elected as a member of the first session board of governors.