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sales service hotline:0532-58517159

    benefit the country and the people with power- on-the-spot record for power security protection of yihe electric group in shanghai cooperation organization (sco) summit at qingdao


    from june 9 to june 10, 2018, the 18th meeting of the council of heads of member states of the shanghai cooperation organization was successfully held in qingdao. as a leading power operation and maintenance service supplier in the power industry, yihe electric group co., ltd. was invited to participate in the power security work in the core area of the sco summit (qingdao) to help qingdao power grid and facilitate the summit a successful event.



    i. attach great importance and try our best

    after accepting the task of power security protection for the summit, yihe electric group attached great importance to it and immediately set up a headquarters for the task. the chairman of the group personally headed the headquarters and sent more than 120 politically reliable and highly skilled technical backbone personnel to various stations for protecting the power for the summit in advance. with extremely high political awareness and responsibility, yihe electric group tried our best to provide power service guarantee for the successful holding of the summit.

    on may 8, 2018, xue changqiu, chairman of the group, as the client representative of the summit, made a solemn commitment to the people's government of shandong province, the qingdao municipal government, state grid shandong electric power co., ltd. and qingdao power supply company-"we will keep in mind the mission and make every effort to ensure that the equipment is free from defects and in operation with zero failure so as to successfully complete the power security protection work for the summit. ”



    ii. deploy scientifically with professional and careful attitude

    yihe electric group is committed to provide professional, safe and reliable power security protection services for this summit. we scientifically deploy and provide professional services to the power distribution substations on the summit site. through the operation service mode of man-machine combination, the combination of online monitoring and offline operation and maintenance are realized to carry out centralized monitoring, centralized patrol and power security protection services.

     during this power security protection, the group has taken 24/7 online remote centralized monitoring of 5 super power security protection substations and 5 first-level power security protection substations at the summit site in order to discover abnormal signals in the transformer room in time and issue early warning. in combination with the 24/7 on-site maintenance and emergency repair team, the group has carried out routine inspection, maintenance and troubleshooting of the distribution substations on the site to ensure that the power service thereof is always in a safe state.






    iii. safe and reliable, emergency protection

    during the preparation of this summit, the leaders of the group went deep into the front line of power security site for six times, mobilized inspection, held special meetings for summit power security protection, put forward clear requirements for the work, checked the work progress, and supervised the power security protection to work normally.

    in order to strengthen the emergency handling capability to deal with unexpected accidents, the group organized on-site power security protection personnel to prepare more than 50 sets of power security protection plans one after another, held more than 20 special emergency drills, and repeatedly cooperated with the government and power supply companies to carry out full-process drills which fully verified the wartime command system and emergency handling capability of power security protection. at the same time, the group repeatedly checked the potential safety hazards of the equipment, and promptly procured the construction organizations and equipment manufacturers to carry out defect elimination, which effectively ensured the safe operation of power equipment.




    iv. yihe's power security protection performance of major events

    the operation and maintenance division of yihe electric group relies on the research and development of the group's electric power equipment and intelligent manufacturing, with intelligent electric power service as its core, and carries out specialized electric power services integrating engineering design, installation of distribution substations, high voltage test of electric power, operation and maintenance management of distribution substations, and electric power maintenance and emergency repair. the company has successfully completed the power security protection work for the 2008 olympic games and the qingdao international horticultural exposition 2014, and has accumulated rich experience in power security protection work for major events. meanwhile, the group has been continuously exploring and practicing power security protection methods for major events.