sales service hotline:0532-58517159

sales service hotline:0532-58517159

    126kv intelligent combination electrical appliance

      standardized 10 foot energy storage box


      ​ we have independently developed energy storage battery systems and inverter integrated systems, which adopt a fully modular design, have high power density, small footprint, and multi-level protection functions. each module has independent cooling systems, fire alarm systems, electrical and control systems, and is characterized by simple construction, rapid deployment, flexible configuration, and fire isolation.

      performance characteristics

      modular design

      independent operation of each sub warehouse

      reducing the scope of accident impact.
      multiple fire protection strategies: extremely early warning

      pack level fire protection

      combustible gas monitoring exhaust

      heptafluoropropane or perfluorohexane

      multiple sprays

      end stage water fire protection

      intelligent industrial controller: 100 megawatt hour power plant second level data monitoring and recording.
      independent air cooling system: the cold and hot air ducts are designed independently

      with precise thermal management technology.
      electrical load breaking: refusing battery cluster fault reclosure.
      the 20 foot liquid cooling scheme has a capacity of 3.727 mwh and an energy density increase of 8.3% compared to the conventional scheme.