sales service hotline:0532-58517159

sales service hotline:0532-58517159

    126kv intelligent combination electrical appliance

      standard box transformer


      ​ standard box type substations are mainly suitable for substations with transformer capacity of 630kva and below. the box body can be made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate or stainless steel plate, grc and other materials, providing insulation, flame retardancy, and other effects. the product has passed the standardized acceptance and testing of state grid and obtained corresponding product qualifications.

      performance characteristics

      spray painting process: zinc rich primer fluorocarbon topcoat

      with a anti-corrosion effect of over 25 years
      special ventilation design

      louvered doors: used for transformer rooms

      rainproof and dustproof

      with reliable ventilation
      punching ventilation holes on the bottom plate of the box transformer: cold air can automatically enter the transformer room
      top cover upper edge air flushing cooling hole: after cold air enters the box

      natural ventilation is formed inside the box

      and hot air is discharged from the ventilation hole of the top cover
      the intelligent configuration of the box transformer realizes the "three remotes" function

      realizes automatic isolation of faulty lines

      and quickly restores power supply
      meet the requirements of state grid's intelligent distribution terminals
      perfect surface treatment can make the box more difficult to use in harsh environments

      with a protection level of ip44
      the unified overall dimensions are: length 3600mm

      width 2200mm

      and height not exceeding 2500mm