sales service hotline:0532-58517159

sales service hotline:0532-58517159

    126kv intelligent combination electrical appliance

      xgw-12 outdoor high-voltage ring network box


      ​ the xgw-12 outdoor high-voltage switching station is a complete set of electrical products developed in combination with distribution network automation system technology, suitable for china's national conditions, and representing the advanced technical level in china. after installation and debugging of the 12kv ring network cabinet, power pt cabinet, feeder ftu, rtu, communication control terminal, metering and automatic meter reading, ups power supply, etc., they are installed and debugged into a movable, sealed, and moisture-proof stainless steel box, shortening the construction period, and achieving the integration and modularization of the primary and secondary systems in urban power distribution. the product has passed the standardized acceptance and testing of state grid and obtained corresponding product qualifications.

      performance characteristics

      composed of fully insulated and fully enclosed xgn series inflatable cabinets and outdoor boxes.
      the box has strong corrosion resistance

      and there are no fasteners on the surface for disassembly

      with a protection level of ip44.
      the top cover is designed as an air sandwich double layer structure

      which has good insulation and ventilation effects.
      the box has a sealed floor with cable inlet to prevent moisture from entering the cable trench.
      the contact between the door and the box body is sealed with sealing strips

      and after opening

      there is a wind proof device for easy operation to fix the door. the door lock has a rainproof structure design.
      having the qualification for a a primary and secondary fusion is more reliable and convenient.