sales service hotline:0532-58517159

sales service hotline:0532-58517159

    126kv intelligent combination electrical appliance

      126kv composite electrical prefabricated compartment


      ​ the prefabricated cabin booster station has changed the traditional construction mode of booster stations, integrating primary and secondary power equipment and personnel management into the prefabricated cabin. it is processed in a factory, transported through distribution, and assembled on-site, achieving an intelligent management system for power boosting, information exchange, and reliable equipment operation. short on-site installation cycle and high operational reliability.

      performance characteristics

      fully functional

      including fire protection and alarm systems

      dehumidification and condensation prevention systems

      automatic cooling and moisturizing systems

      and dust exhaust systems
      equipped with advanced four remote functions

      it can achieve remote collection


      remote control

      having protection levels that meet electrical requirements and can meet ip54 and ip56
      equipped with a-level fire protection and insulation function

      the cabin can withstand high temperatures of over 1200 ° c

      and the fire resistance rating is level 1