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sales service hotline:0532-58517159

    126kv intelligent combination electrical appliance

      air cooled pack


      ​ our company's lithium battery pack system utilizes a mechanical structure to connect numerous individual cells in series and parallel, producing a battery module with communication functions that can be applied to large energy storage systems with a rated discharge energy of 13.824kwh, taking into account issues such as system mechanical strength, thermal management, bms matching, etc;its main technologies are reflected in overall structural design, welding and processing process control, protection level, active thermal management system, etc; adopting 1p20s string connection method, the pack capacity is 17.92kwh and the energy density is high. unique four sided air duct design, with a temperature difference of ≤ 5 ℃ between the battery cells in the pack.

      performance characteristics

      compact structural design greatly improves system energy density

      built in air duct design

      establishing excellent heat transfer and conduction paths

      product design standardization

      strong scalability

      adopting canbus2.0 communication protocol

      bms has real-time monitoring of voltage and temperature

      as well as battery balancing functions

      air cooled pack

      air cooling is a heat dissipation method that uses low-temperature air as the medium and utilizes heat convection to reduce the temperature of the battery. it is divided into natural cooling and forced cooling (using fans, etc.).


      system positive output terminal provide system positive output
      fan improve the efficiency of air cooling and heat dissipation, and reduce the operating temperature of the system
      system negative output terminal provide system negative output
      box carrying protective battery module
      handle convenient for module handling and disassembly
      bmu battery management system
      fixing lug used to secure the product to the cabinet


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