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sales service hotline:0532-58517159

    126kv intelligent combination electrical appliance

      252kv intelligent combination electrical appliance


      ​ zf50-252 (l) gas insulated metal enclosed switchgear (gis), with a rated current of 4000a and a rated breaking current of 50ka, is a high-tech product developed through optimization and design based on the digestion and absorption of advanced gis/gcb technology at home and abroad.

      performance characteristics

      modular design to meet the different needs of users

      miniaturized design with high technical performance

      adapting to various forms of operating mechanisms

      maintenance free operation

      short on-site installation cycle and high operational reliability.

      main electrical parameters of 252kv gis:




      rated voltage

      252 kv

      rated insulation level

      1min power frequency withstand voltage (break/ground)

      (460 145)kv/460kv

      lightning impulse withstand voltage (break/ground)

      (1050 200)kv/1050 kv

      rated frequency

      50 hz

      rated current

      3150、4000 a

      rated short-circuit breaking current

      50 ka

      rated peak withstand current

      125 ka

      short time withstand current (effective value)

      50 ka/3s

      sf6 gas leakage rate


      sf6 gas humidity

      electrolytic decomposition products (handover acceptance value/long-term operation allowable value)


      no electrolytic decomposition products (handover acceptance value/long-term operation allowable value)


      partial discharge

      each interval/individual insulation component


      structural layout

      circuit breaker

      three phase distribution box

      main busbar

      three phase common box

      circuit breaker operating mechanism

      hydraulic and spring mechanism

      circuit breaker operation mode

      split phase operation, three-phase mechanical linkage

      spacing size