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sales service hotline:0532-58517159

    126kv intelligent combination electrical appliance

      yh-200 series intelligent control device


      ​ the yh-200 new concept intelligent control device for switchgear has powerful functions and is suitable for various types of switchgear, such as central cabinets, handcart cabinets, fixed cabinets, ring network cabinets, etc., in 3-35kv indoor switchgear.

      performance characteristics

      there are dynamic simulation diagrams

      high-voltage live display

      automatic heating and dehumidification

      automatic fan cooling

      temperature and humidity numerical display

      circuit breaker opening and closing status indication

      energy storage indication

      grounding switch status indication

      car position indication

      opening and closing circuit integrity indication

      human body sensing and cabinet lighting

      overtemperature alarm

      voice error prevention prompt and other functions

      replacing the primary circuit simulation diagram

      live display

      and automatic heating and dehumidification controller the circuit breaker opening and closing button has an rs485 communication interface

      further intelligentizing


      and digitizing the switchgear

      making it convenient for users to remotely set and monitor.