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sales service hotline:0532-58517159

    exclusive interview on group company general manager gao yuhe


    on december 1st, deputy chief ren of the market and quality supervision commission of the district led a team to the company for inspection and held discussions with the company general manager gao yuhe and visited the company. for the concrete intelligent products development and standard management work conditions of the company, ren put forward his idea of "docking" with the company projects for the purpose of further supporting and promoting the standard construction of the company.  。

    as a member on the two standard commissions at the national and industrial levels for high voltage switch manufacturing, our technical center has, on behalf of the company, participated in the draft and revision of more than 30 national and industrial standards, thus receiving great attentions and encouragement from the competent standardization departments at district and municipal levels. for standard construction promotion, the company has been selected the only enterprise unit as the example for standardization promotion in the west coastal new area.

    the exclusive video will be presented at the district local tv station recently and then at superior stations successively.