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sales service hotline:0532-58517159

    "industrial interconnection smart future-intellectual industry internet summit forum"


    on march 23, 2018, our company was invited to take part in the “industrial internet, smart future-2018 yonyou intelligent industrial internet summit forum" to further study industrial internet plus intelligent manufacturing.

    with the rapid development of modern information network technologies such as cloud computing, big data, internet of things, mobile internet, artificial intelligence and its in-depth application in the industrial field, the marketing mode, manufacturing mode and service mode of traditional manufacturing enterprises are undergoing earth-shaking changes. especially under the background of the country’s vigorous promotion of the construction of the industrial internet platform and support of the launching of intelligent manufacturing strategy, manufacturing industry is accelerating the deep integration with the internet, information interconnection of customers-manufacturing enterprises-suppliers, interconnection of human-machines-materials-information systems. connections are everywhere. intelligent sensing, dynamic transmission, real-time analysis of industrial data, industrial internet and intelligent manufacturing greatly change the industry and the future is coming!